“Plans are nothing; planning is everything” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Planning is something we all do, sometimes not as well as we intended.  It is something that we do for most of our lives; looking forward and helping us achieve our goals.  As we age, we focus more on our retirement, something that most of us don’t think about when we were young.  

Sometimes, the effort we put into our future does not work through no fault of our own.  Families experience unforeseen family illnesses, we have natural disasters (like the recent flooding) and people can lose their jobs when business closes.  Sometimes life is just not fair.

We also know that without planning it is a reasonable certainty that things won’t go well. The same in true for individuals, families and governments. Of importance is that our individual and family plans are connected to our government plans, since they can affect us in many ways.  My wife and I want to retire in place, on our farm. However, if the county has uncontrolled growth and is fiscally irresponsible, we may have to change our plans. Government planning affects all of us.

The City of Frederick with their flood control projects is a good example of planning.  If the city had not put flood control projects in their future many years ago, the recent flooding would be significantly worse.  Even with the construction of the flood control projects, they still had flooding, which demonstrates that plans are rarely perfect and often require modifications.   

When elected, planning for responsible growth in Frederick County will be my primary focus.  Frederick County will continue to grow and growth – affects everything. The “Livable Frederick Plan” is a blueprint for how the county should view and manage the future.  I understand that there is opposition to the “Livable Frederick Plan.” My review finds the plan very comprehensive and explains how ordinary citizens shaped the content. Over 2000 citizens responded to the surveys and the responses contained over 15,000 qualitative statements.  That does not mean the plan is perfect. Like any good plan, changes will be needed as we proceed. But, we know that without the plan we leave the future to chance.

About me: My wife, Susanne, and I reside on a small farm in outside of Emmitsburg. We are both retired and enjoy our farm, our neighbors our horses and our dog. We very much like where we live and believe that we are fortunate to live in Frederick County Maryland.  My family has been here for generations.

My former background includes 42 years in Law Enforcement, 27 years as a Maryland State Trooper.  I am a small farmer and small business owner in Frederick County. Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Business Administration.   

Associations include: Maryland State Police Alumni, the Frederick County Farm Bureau, the National Rifle Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Southern poverty Law Center.  Please visit my website

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