Since the election of the president the country seems divided on many issues. It is my perspective that some of the division is intentional by the president. I don’t know why but it appears that he sometimes likes conflict and dissonance.

One issue that he seems passionate about is standing for the National Anthem. The president and those who agree with his position believe that to not stand is unpatriotic and is disrespectful of the flag, which represents our country and our military. Conversely, the other side says that protesting, by kneeling, is patriotic, and is an exercise and a right under the first amendment. As part of the first amendment you have “the freedom of speech” and the ability “to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

Fortunately we live in a free society and we are allowed our different beliefs, which is something that does make America exceptional. Is it more or less patriotic to stand or exercise your right under the first amendment?

Recently, The National Football League adopted a policy dealing with the issue of kneeling or standing during the playing of the National Anthem. All this did was to create more discord. Again the president interjected that standing was patriotic and even said that individuals that do not stand should not be in the game and “maybe … shouldn’t be in the country.”

The President’s positon is confusing and a little bewildering since he does not seem to recognize the first amendment. Adding to the confusion is the demonstration(s) where groups have displayed flags of the confederacy and of Nazi Germany. Both of those flags were used by states and a country that declared war on the United States of America. One would think the president would have called those who wave them – unpatriotic.

Again, we live in a free society and we are allowed our different beliefs. But I would think that supporting the first amendment would be a little more patriotic than displaying flags that symbolize entities that declared war on our country.

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