Silence is Golden

We’ve all heard that age old adage that “silence is golden.” Well, consider this. On April 22nd, a gunman shot and killed four people and wounded two others at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee. The assailant used an AR -15 type rifle. A customer, Mr. James Shaw Jr, confronted the offender, disarmed him and thus probably saved countless more lives.

Some said this was a hate crime as the assailant was white and most of the victims and Mr. Shaw were black. The Mayor said that “he had no reason to believe that the shooting was provoked by racial animus.”

Now, further consider that this President wanted to ban all Muslims, stated the Mexican immigrants were murders and rapist and he lamented why are all of these immigrants from “shithole countries” – instead of Norway?

The President can tweet instantaneously if he perceives someone has slighted him, yet as of May 1st, NOTHING was said commending the young father, Mr. Shaw, for his heroism. On May 1st it was reported that they were “looking to bring [Mr. Shaw] to the White House.” This was nine days after the incident. This time – the silence was deafening.

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